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Did you know that Avanessi started on a cocktail napkin in Vegas? I keep that napkin, that’s so precious to me, in a safe place because its a confirmation that ALL IS POSSIBLE. You see, this was something I had always wanted to do, but didn’t quite have the courage to pursue it, thinking all kinds of silly thoughts such as ‘what if people don’t like my work’ and so on. I was at a jewelry show in Vegas, because our family has been in the jewelry business for over two decades, and was doodling what came to me naturally, LOVE, and the pendant was born. Long story short, Avanessi was created then and there and we’ve spread the notion of LOVE not only to our clients, but to the twelve different charities that we help out throughout the year. So our message to you is that do what your inner voice, your gut, your soul tells you to pursue and know that ALL IS POSSIBLE.

Please know that we LOVE what we do and we create all of our pieces with great care, locally in Los Angeles.

Our effort to expand the message of LOVE has surpassed jewelry and we encourage all of you to apply this precious sentiment to life. To honor the notion of LOVE conquers all, we have devoted ten percent of our retail sales from all of our LOVE collection to go to our chosen charity each month. Not to say that we are experts in this subject matter, however we do know that by giving back a little to our world, LOVE is bound to somehow conquer.

We recently launched a recycling program which you can read about more on our contact page.

Avanessi is available both online as well as in selected stores. Feel free to contact us for custom pieces at

Thank you for your visit, stop by often.

Tenny Hovsepians