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About Me

3 Made my own book at home, took it to preschool and wouldn’t share
5 Copied greeting card images on little chalkboard for days & declared profession to parents: ARTIST
9 Teacher read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to class, declared another profession to parents: WRITER
11 Reality kicked in, parents don’t approve of professions, continued writing stories in secret journals
13 Fell hard for music and gems, started making jewelry and gave them away as gifts.
17 To be impressive & make parents happy, decided to become a lawyer, secretly wished to be a FBI agent
18 Worked at a law firm, locked away dreams of an artist, writer, & FBI agent
19 Traveled to Europe, took an art history course & fell in love
20 Attended UCLA, happily majored in English, anxiously headed for law school
21 Interviewed Al Pacino; published an article, interviewed Anthony Kiedis; fell in love, thought about a writing profession
22 Couldn’t stomach the notion of attending law school, began teaching freshman English, made mom very sad
23 Bought a canvas, started painting, & finally allowed the universe to be my guide
24 Took photography courses, fell in love again… designed and made my first ring
26 Married my first love, started writing for an online magazine and designing jewelry
28 Found Avanessi (on a cocktail napkin in Vegas)… happy at last
30 Ella Blue was born, truly happy at last
36 Rocco Troy was born, incredibly happy at last